Sep 19

While meat and poultry slaughterers and processors are always looking for ways to make their plants and products safe, they must embrace at least two approaches to accomplish these goals.

They must take steps to prevent pathogens in the products they produce. In addition, and just as important, they must determine if there are pathogens already present in their plants.

Without these two actions, it will be hard for them to achieve the success which is so critical to their businesses. Laboratory companies and other scientific suppliers help meat and poultry companies meet these goals. Auditing safety controls in plants and testing to see if pathogens or other hazards make it through plant operations are two major steps in the process.

“Auditing takes place to ensure compliance – that you’re meeting the rules and regulations associated with food safety and food quality. Depending on who does the inspections, it could be USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture), FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or third-party certification systems,” says John David, global scientific marketing manager at 3M Food Safety, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Making sure the raw materials that go into meat and poultry processing are safe is also important. “Manufacturers do this by ensuring what comes from suppliers is good – so they make sure their raw supplies will be without pathogens as they are made into products,” adds Raj Rajagopal, senior global technical service specialist at 3M Food Safety.
Birko Corp. headquartered in Henderson, Colorado, emphasizes the “seek and destroy” mission in plants – how environmental monitoring programs can play a critical role in keeping meat and poultry plants and the products produced there safe, especially ready-to-eat (RTE) products. Read full article at


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