Jul 18

In 2021, Wayne Farms launched the Amazing Starts with Me (ASWM) campaign to unite its employees. The program was so successful, it was incorporated into the company’s Corporate Responsibility Report.

The Wayne Farms marketing team led the development of the Amazing Starts with Me (ASWM) campaign to build our culture and to unite the company’s 9,000 employees with one vision of being “An Amazing Chicken Company.”

Wayne Farms ASWM2

The ASWM program focuses on four key pillars that are purpose-driven and emotionally connected to employees across People, Planet, Animals and Food. The different aspects of the campaign included:

  1. Installing plant graphics and messaging to improve the external signage, enhance the environment of employee common areas and to energize the workforce around our vision.
  2. Developing a company-wide recognition program for employees demonstrating ‘Amazing’ behaviors to be recognized across the company to encourage similar actions. During the year, 16 individuals were recognized for their positive impact to Wayne Farms.
  3. Planning/executing quarterly engagement activity at each facility that concentrated on one of the pillars. The marketing team provided tools (event planning, newsletters, give-a-ways, education materials, and more) to enable each facility to execute the event.
  4. Producing monthly videos and posters to the employee base to inform them on COVID-19 safety procedures and protocols during the pandemic.
    Creation of training videos to help people and maintain a healthy animal welfare culture. The videos focused on new employee onboarding and specific animal welfare standards for catch and haul teams and vaccination processes.

Although ASWM started out as an internal program, it was so well received by employees that this year Marketing overhauled the design of its Corporate Responsibility Report to reflect the ASWM program to an external audience.

 Source: WATT Poultry Future

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