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For the Aviagen® global team, the 2023 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) was marked by sharing, connecting, and strengthening common bonds with like-minded poultry professionals.

For the Aviagen® global team, the 2023 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) was marked by sharing, connecting, and strengthening common bonds with like-minded poultry professionals.

Aviagen employees from around the globe, speaking multiple languages and from various areas of expertise, enjoyed meeting with customers and industry colleagues. A main topic of conversation was Aviagen’s innovative “Breeding for welfare and sustainability.” Due to the company’s balanced breeding approach, welfare, sustainability and performance are all dominant qualities of Aviagen birds. Complementing this strategy is a full portfolio of Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® conventional breeds, as well as the Rowan Range aimed at slower-growing, organic and free-range markets. These breeds combine to strengthen customer success by enabling them to offer consumer choice.

Young Leaders Under 30 – Rewarding Young Talent

Aviagen is proud of its five employees who were recognized with the IPPE “Young leaders under 30” award. These promising young Aviagen professionals, aged 21- 29, were chosen for their leadership qualities and commitment to the industry. In addition to the experience of engaging in the world’s largest annual tradeshow of its kind, winners were presented with special “Young leaders” plaques at a breakfast held in their honor.Aviagen IPPE Student Breakfast

On behalf of Aviagen, I congratulate our five impressive young leaders, and appreciate IPPE for recognizing them in this way,” commented Marc de Beer, Aviagen’s President of North America. “IPPE and Aviagen share a commitment to investing in our next generation. They are our future, and the sustainability of our industry depends on our ability to attract bright, innovative people who have a passion for poultry and for feeding the world.”

Breeding the Best

Aviagen takes every opportunity to connect with our future generation. At the student career section of IPPE, Human Resources representatives were on hand to engage with students and interview them for potential careers at Aviagen. This initiative saw a high turnout of qualified candidates who were enthusiastic about helping feed the world with a sustainable, healthy source of protein.

And, at an Aviagen-hosted student breakfast, representatives from across the organization mixed and mingled with more than 120 students, who were eager to learn more about Aviagen and the exciting opportunities awaiting them in the world of poultry.

Knowledge sharing – An IPPE show special

With 28,000 professionals from across the planet in attendance, IPPE was the ideal platform for the exchange of the latest developments and information. Aviagen specialists in genetics, nutrition, veterinary medicine, flock management, hatchery and incubation and more were there to listen to customers and share ideas and advice. Various Aviagen experts also spoke at IPPE-hosted TechTALK events. They addressed the importance of data in improving poultry performance, health and welfare, as well as the usefulness of technology in providing optimal remote support to customers.

“We were pleased with the overall turnout at IPPE 2023, and consider the show an invaluable opportunity to engage with customers and the wider poultry community. A big thank you to poultry producers and visitors to the Aviagen booth. As members of the poultry value chain, we share a common commitment to leveraging the latest innovations to feed current and future generations, while promoting customer success and the sustainability of our planet,” concluded Aviagen CEO Jan Henriksen.

About Aviagen

Since 1923, Aviagen® has been a preferred global poultry breeding company with a mission to help its customers -- the world’s chicken meat producers -- supply sustainable, affordable and nutritious protein to their growing communities. Putting into practice its corporate value of “Breeding for Welfare and Sustainability,” Aviagen implements efficiencies that make commercial chicken production environmentally and socially responsible and economically beneficial to producers, while at the same time promoting bird performance, health and welfare.

To meet varied market demands, Aviagen offers a full portfolio of breeding stock under the Arbor Acres®, Indian River® and Ross® brand names. The Rowan Range® and Specialty Males® target slower-growing and other niche market needs. Aviagen is based in Huntsville, Alabama, US., with operations across the UK, Europe, Turkey, Latin America, India, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and the US, and joint ventures in Asia. The company employs close to 8,000 people, and serves customers in 100 countries. For more information, please visit Aviagen.com, or follow Aviagen on LinkedIn.


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