Jan 30

With an increasing demand for cut-up and tray-packed poultry and as global demand for convenient, ready-to-cook, packaged chicken pieces increases, processors have been investing in new technology to make the process easier and more efficient.

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Jan 28

The meat industry's labor shotage is an onslaught by many conspirators, and a problem that will require many approaches. This is the fourth in a series of articles exploring labor issues in the meat industry.

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Jan 23

Poultry is the fastest-growing protein worldwide, positioning it to soon become the world's most widely consumed meat. In its annual "Global Animal Protein Outlook" report, Rabobank predicts overall 2019 global production of poultry, pork and beef will grow by roughly 1 million tons, which is "well below the five-year average," according to the report. However the poultry sector is expected to see strong growth in key markets.

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Jan 16

Devenish is pleased to announce the addition of three new poultry team members to the North America division. Jim Milam joins as a Poultry Account Manager, Mahmoud Masa’deh joins as a Poultry Nutritionist, and Neal Matthews joins as a Poultry Account Manager.

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